Gaming Mouse Recommendation


A few weeks back, one of my viewers mentioned about needing a new gaming mouse. In the world of gaming accessories, things can get really expensive. I’m the type of gamer that will pay for quality products, but they do not have to be the most expensive.

A mouse that I have been very happy with this the Etekcity Scroll X1:



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This mouse works like a charm and has 3 DPI settings (800/1600/2400 DPI) to give you the sensitivity that you need with your games. I currently play with 1600 dpi as I do not need something too sensitive. The biggest thing about this mouse. It’s only $14.

This mouse gives you the best bang for your buck, and you would need to go through at least 3 of these mice to equal to the price of your more mainstream gaming mouse.

Do yourself a favor, save the extra money on games, and get this mouse now.

A couple good deals on Amazon


Hey Guys,

Summer is here, so it’s that time of year where video games go on sale. Here are two that are great and are on sale!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Nintendo games rarely go on sale. This is a goodie at a great price! $32.60 (Amazon)

StarCraft 2 Battle Chest – My childhood was very StarCraft filled. StarCraft 2 is a great game and this battle chest is a great way to get the base game and the expansion on the cheap! $19.95 (Amazon)

The Jackbox Party Pack is on Sale!


For those who are like me and old, you’ll remember a lot of the older ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ games for the PS1 and 2. The guys are back with The Jackbox Party Pack, which enables players to use their smartphones to partake in hilarious and highly competitive games.

I’ve personally played this game and this is great for parties and gaming get togethers. It’s really easy to setup and a whole lot of fun.

For the next two days, the game is 50% on the Steam Store. I highly highly recommend you check it out.


Disclaimer: No affiliate links are in this post. Just pure love for an awesome game!