Week of February 22


Hey Gals and Pals,

I’m here! My lazy butt is writing another post for you after a couple weeks of silence. This week we are in full swing with a lot of multiplayer games. It seems a lot of you like to play with me while on stream, so I’m here to deliver!

We start off the week with the Sims 4. I know, I know, I just said multiplayer games, but a lot of you also enjoy this game, so it stays!

Tuesday will mark the release of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2! I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time. The original Garden Warfare game was one of my early go to games when starting off on Twitch. I haven’t really watched a lot of gameplay or read much on it, so I’m hoping for lot of the same game mechanics and more variety in the characters.

Thursday will be our Creativerse stream. Off stream, I have been working with some other people on our server to gather a lot of the materials. One of those materials was stone, 7000 stone. On stream we will do more of the building and off stream it’s more of the farming. If you want to join us, feel free to join Tin’s Cannery!

Friday is Don’t Starve Together! I love love love this game and that is that.

Saturday marks the debut of Heroes of the Storm. This is a game I enjoy a lot off stream. I tend to have a handful of games that I usually don’t stream to keep me sane. I got into HotS a few months ago because it gave me a sense that I’m not years behind on champions like in League of Legends. Plus, it helps that I know a lot about Blizzard games so as new characters come out, I already have a sense of what they can do. I’m really excited for this.

Sunday is Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the golden standard game of the stream.

I look forward to this week and if you have any games you would like me to play on stream or with you. Please let me know!

Week of January 4th


Hi everyone!

Happy 1st full week of 2016!. 2016?! It feels like only yesterday when we had Y2K scares, time flies!

This week schedule is a lot of the same with a few variations.

Monday through Thursday will be the continuation of The Sims 4. What will the Tinner Richman household deal with the newest addition of a baby! Streams start at 8pm Central.

Friday will be an off day for me, as my sister and her plus one will be visiting for the weekend. Family Time Hype! This also means a slight change to the weekend, but first!

Community Night! Day! stream of Splatoon will be this coming Saturday at 1pm Central. We will be playing Turf Wars, so feel free to add my Nintendo ID: tinner10tin and join in on the fun.

This Sunday’s ACNL stream will be a bit later in my afternoon with a start time of 4pm Central, allowing me to spend Sunday with my sister before she leaves.

I’m looking forward to another great week with y’all. See you soon. :)

I’m really good at disappointing people…


Hello Everyone,

As you may or may not know, I will not be streaming for the next 6 days as I will be attending a World War 2 reunion. I will be providing updates and photos of the trip on my twitter and instagram. The usernames for both is tinner10tin. Follow both to see what I’m up to.

Also, don’t forget that our 24 hour stream supporting the charity, Extra Life will take place on the 24th at 9am! If you would like to learn more about the charity, you can check out tinner10tin.com/donate

I hope all y’all take care of yourselfs and that you won’t hate me too much. I love you all. :)

This Saturday, we’re doing something really really awesome!


Let’s get formalities out of the way…

Hey Guys,

I’ve been working with my buddy, pal, friend, and boss: Harddrive, who is a DnB / Jungle DJ here in Austin, TX. He’s definitely way cooler than I could ever be:

Instead of me trying to write up something that would totally butcher up what he is, Here are some words directly from the man himself:

Over the last 7 years, I’ve been playing music in and around Austin, TX. From genre-specific club nights to special events looking for off-the-beaten-path musical styles, my focus continues to be on providing rarer grooves to the ears of discerning listeners. A huge part of my musical passion includes helping and supporting the local scene and consistently learning from all the amazing veteran DJs we have in our city today.

Recently, on the club side of things, I’ve been channelling the majority of my efforts into promoting and playing in several monthly residencies with a focus on DnB under the moniker “Harddrive”. Aside from the Sonar and Drum-Soul monthlies, I can be found spinning deep house at the end of each month on Abstrakt nights or the occasional vintage disco/soul/funk tune under my regular name at a one-off show or independent event.

You can check out Harddrive at harddrivednb.com

With that introduction out of the way

I’m really really excited to share this news with y’all (you all).

Recently, he’s learned more about the things I’ve been doing on my channel at Twitch.tv and we talked about an idea on how we can blend the two genres, live gaming broadcasting and live DJ set mixing, together.

We are taking a game, Limbo, that has dark imagery and has a clean canvas when it comes to it’s soundtrack. This is being played by yours truly. Here’s an example of what Limbo is like:

On the soundtracking side, we are introducing musical themes such as dark and eerie dub techno, minimal dubstep, and deep DnB that will be mixed by Harddrive.

The project that we are debuting this Saturday is combining the visual elements of video gaming with the creative flows of DJ mixing to create an unique take of how we watch and listen. The goal of our project to try something new and see what it can evolve into.

In our worlds, we are surrounded with a whole lot of the same. We, collectively, want to stir things up and produce something that goes in a different creative direction and push the envelope of what is possible.

Come check it out, it will be on http://www.twitch.tv/tinner10tin at 8pm TEXAS time. I hope to see y’all there!

Happy Birthday Matt and Happy Canada Day!


First off! Happy happy birthday Matt! Also, Happy Canada Day!

I was talking to Matt about what you would like me to stream for his birthday and he requested Minecraft. When I heard Minecraft, I was like…uhhh I don’t play that, but that didn’t matter. I wanted to make Matt’s birthday special! I went ahead and got a server for us to play around with and opened it up to everyone to play.

When the stream started, I was excited about how many people wanted to play and we got a good 6 people to jump on, which was really cool. Early on, I realized that I was really bad at Minecraft. I was armed with an Essential Handbook for Minecraft, but it didn’t help much, lol!

Matt hooked it up with 255 HP and mostly everyone was watching out for me, like I was a baby. Overall it was a lot of fun and I hope to do more Minecraft and be useful next time.

This was also the night where a lot of people that redeemed their coins to have me play games they want me to play. It helps to play games your viewers would like to see!

Overall, I had such a great great time and I will leave you guys with this sweet sweet video of Matt’s little gift for me.

Streaming Tech

I updated my Intro and Outro scenes on XSplit and a lot of people commented positively on them. I did some research on 3DS streaming without a capture card. It primiarily focuses on videoing your actual 3DS externally and cropping the screens. I looks like a great option without having to pay $500 for a 3DS to enable me to stream those games. I will continue to do more research here.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 172
Total Views: 1154
Hot Peppers Consumed: 3
Stream Time: 2 Hours 38 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1300kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)

Looking to build out WordPress tutorials

I wanted to add a new section on the website to help share the power of WordPress and how it can enable people to create their own websites with ease. I’m looking to make these in the near future. Let me know what are some of the things you’re looking to learn. :)

14 Hours of Streaming this Weekend!


Hello Everyone! Giving you a guys a quick write up this weekend’s streaming fun.

Splatoon on Saturday at 1pm 

We started off with the campaign once more because I felt there was a lack of loving for the campaign. I will say that it got a lot better! I will say it’s not one of the most memorable campaigns out there, but it’s playable. It offers a great way to get into the game without the pressures of online multiplayer. I had a roommate hate hate hate playing online when it came to shooters, so this would suit that roommate very well. We then jumped into multiplayer where I was able to play with I_AM_DM, Dadotjadot, and Enderup. It was really fun to play with those guys, and I made sure to talk a lot of smack when we were versus each other. I’m a troll and even talked smack while we were on the SAME team!

Here’s a lovely highlight from this particular stream:

Bonus Stream! Don’t Starve Together on Saturday at 8pm

This bonus stream was brought to you by Random_Mike! There’s just so many new things in Don’t Starve Together versus the Don’t Starve game. You can watch the reply of the broadcast and see a lot of the follies and missteps. The saltiness is real! Apparently, when we do things wrong, it gets a nice reaction from chat. Protip: continue to be bad at Don’t Starve and the people will love you.

Because of this broadcast, it got GamerRiku to redeem her coins to get another gameplay of Don’t Starve Together… V_V

Also, we played 5 hours worth of this. It was well into the morning when the streamed stop for the sake of our sanity, kinda like the game itself.

Animal Crossing Sunday at 1pm

My favorite stream of the week. This is where a lot of my EU/UK friends and pals come out to play. It’s always always ALWAYS a treat to see and talk to these guys. They seemed to have it out for me though.

It could be for the lack of sleep or plain being awful that I would make mistakes like this:

/facepalm I know, I know. Overall, it was great to earn the bells towards funding Master Nook’s big picture plans and having fun with chat. All of these streams did have a similar theme, the gambling addiction and woes are real, VERY REAL. I’ve seen so many empires crash from Riches to Rags. It’s quite depressing. I feel like I need to ban gambling all together </troll>

Streaming Tech

I had my modem replaced and it seem to help with a lot of upstream issues, but they still exist, but not as bad. 480p streaming has worked out really well and yields the image quality that I can be happy with. Can it be better, yes yes YES! BUT! I am very happy with the product that I offer to my viewers.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 170
Total Views: 1096
Hot Peppers Consumed: 3
Stream Time for the weekend: 13 Hours 58 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1300kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)