14 Hours of Streaming this Weekend!

Hello Everyone! Giving you a guys a quick write up this weekend’s streaming fun.

Splatoon on Saturday at 1pm 

We started off with the campaign once more because I felt there was a lack of loving for the campaign. I will say that it got a lot better! I will say it’s not one of the most memorable campaigns out there, but it’s playable. It offers a great way to get into the game without the pressures of online multiplayer. I had a roommate hate hate hate playing online when it came to shooters, so this would suit that roommate very well. We then jumped into multiplayer where I was able to play with I_AM_DM, Dadotjadot, and Enderup. It was really fun to play with those guys, and I made sure to talk a lot of smack when we were versus each other. I’m a troll and even talked smack while we were on the SAME team!

Here’s a lovely highlight from this particular stream:

Bonus Stream! Don’t Starve Together on Saturday at 8pm

This bonus stream was brought to you by Random_Mike! There’s just so many new things in Don’t Starve Together versus the Don’t Starve game. You can watch the reply of the broadcast and see a lot of the follies and missteps. The saltiness is real! Apparently, when we do things wrong, it gets a nice reaction from chat. Protip: continue to be bad at Don’t Starve and the people will love you.

Because of this broadcast, it got GamerRiku to redeem her coins to get another gameplay of Don’t Starve Together… V_V

Also, we played 5 hours worth of this. It was well into the morning when the streamed stop for the sake of our sanity, kinda like the game itself.

Animal Crossing Sunday at 1pm

My favorite stream of the week. This is where a lot of my EU/UK friends and pals come out to play. It’s always always ALWAYS a treat to see and talk to these guys. They seemed to have it out for me though.

It could be for the lack of sleep or plain being awful that I would make mistakes like this:

/facepalm I know, I know. Overall, it was great to earn the bells towards funding Master Nook’s big picture plans and having fun with chat. All of these streams did have a similar theme, the gambling addiction and woes are real, VERY REAL. I’ve seen so many empires crash from Riches to Rags. It’s quite depressing. I feel like I need to ban gambling all together </troll>

Streaming Tech

I had my modem replaced and it seem to help with a lot of upstream issues, but they still exist, but not as bad. 480p streaming has worked out really well and yields the image quality that I can be happy with. Can it be better, yes yes YES! BUT! I am very happy with the product that I offer to my viewers.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 170
Total Views: 1096
Hot Peppers Consumed: 3
Stream Time for the weekend: 13 Hours 58 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1300kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)