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Twitch Streamer Spotlight: GamerRiku

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to start something new on the website by showcasing both Twitch streamers and viewers. The purpose of this is to share the spotlight with people I think contribute to our Twitch universe in a great way!


The first person is a streamer, and her name is GamerRiku. I found out about her stream from Ruu of InexpensiveGamer and we’ve kicked it off ever since. The goal of this is that you get to learn more about what GamerRiku is all about. Also, she is a dear friend to me.

Tinner: So GamerRiku, Tell us a little about yourself.

GamerRiku: I’m an avid gamer and currently going to college for programming and system analysis. Always trying new things and keeping an open mind.

Tinner: A gamer, that’s a good start! How did you come across

GamerRiku: A friend showed me twitch in 2013 I watched for a few months but then got busy with my new job and schooling. Got back into it at the end of 2014 and I swear I’m not leaving it again!

Tinner: What made you decide to become a streamer?

GamerRiku: I started streaming because I wanted to share my gaming antics with other and hopefully bring some fun and joy to someone else’s life like so many other streamers do for me.

Tinner: What are some of the games you like to play on stream and off?

GamerRiku: Hard question cause of all the games I own. Harvest moon, survival games like don’t starve and farsky, town building games like Banished, adventure games like Fable….Why such a complicated question Tinner there’s just so many games! Everyone is free to check out my list of games on my channel and my steam.

Tinner: Don’t talk back! I’m the one who knocks! Okay, next question. What is your most memorable Twitch moment?

GamerRiku: Right now my biggest twitch moment was when playing the game Thief and the conversation of two npc’s. There’s a highlight its Lewd but funny as hell.

Tinner: What is it that you want to achieve with your Twitch channel?

GamerRiku: My biggest goal is to just have fun and brighten up other people’s lives. I do want to make it into a habit and a profession later down the road to one day be partnered and the Panda’s Shall Conquer!

Tinner: Who are your favorite streamers?

GamerRiku: Another difficult question. I spend my time splitting my ability to watch Tinner10tin, Inexpensivegamer, Firecrow, Farringtonempire, Tigerwriter, DorkyRae, and I’ll watch other people I have followed and haven’t watched yet.

Tinner: How do we know each other?

GamerRiku: We met on twitch and I believe our friendship will just grow from there!

Tinner: Do you like me?

GamerRiku: Of course Tinner what kind of question is that? If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t watch your channel or tag you on twitter, lol

Tinner: What have I done to make you like or hate me?

GamerRiku: You have just been you and you have a great attitude and great energy, that is why I like you and watching your channel

Tinner: Seriously, do you hate me?

GamerRiku: Nope not at all

Tinner: Away from Twitch, what do you like to do?

GamerRiku: Away from twitch I crochet, read, write, and program mostly. I actually have programmed on stream some, but my programming skills aren’t that great yet.

Tinner: Do you have pets? If so, we DEMAND names and pictures!

GamerRiku: Yes I have 3 cats. A black cat named Neko, a tabby named Mr. Stripes aka Pudgers, and an idk breed of cat named Chipmunk cause he’s not tabby he has swirls and lines on his back like a chipmunk


Tinner:  Think of something really random and give me the link to the first result on Google image search.

GamerRiku: First random thing I could think of was swirly cat and this is the link to what I found

Tinner: Where can we find you on the Internet?

GamerRiku: I can be found in many places.

Twitter: @Gamer_Riku
Instagram: gamerriku

Tinner: Parting Words?

GamerRiku: I thank Tinner for this opportunity, and I thank everyone and anyone who has watched my channel or followed my channel. It’s awesome and wonderful support. I hope Tinner keeps going strong and grows cause he’s a wonderful streamer. *Also with the photos, Neko the black cat doesn’t like photos so I gave the best I can, Pudger’s sitting by himself on the food table, and then one with pudgers laying with Chipmunk, their so cute!*

Thank GamerRiku so much for sharing your little world with us! Feel free to comment on the post with any questions you have for GamerRiku.