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14 Hours of Streaming this Weekend!

Hello Everyone! Giving you a guys a quick write up this weekend’s streaming fun.

Splatoon on Saturday at 1pm 

We started off with the campaign once more because I felt there was a lack of loving for the campaign. I will say that it got a lot better! I will say it’s not one of the most memorable campaigns out there, but it’s playable. It offers a great way to get into the game without the pressures of online multiplayer. I had a roommate hate hate hate playing online when it came to shooters, so this would suit that roommate very well. We then jumped into multiplayer where I was able to play with I_AM_DM, Dadotjadot, and Enderup. It was really fun to play with those guys, and I made sure to talk a lot of smack when we were versus each other. I’m a troll and even talked smack while we were on the SAME team!

Here’s a lovely highlight from this particular stream:

Bonus Stream! Don’t Starve Together on Saturday at 8pm

This bonus stream was brought to you by Random_Mike! There’s just so many new things in Don’t Starve Together versus the Don’t Starve game. You can watch the reply of the broadcast and see a lot of the follies and missteps. The saltiness is real! Apparently, when we do things wrong, it gets a nice reaction from chat. Protip: continue to be bad at Don’t Starve and the people will love you.

Because of this broadcast, it got GamerRiku to redeem her coins to get another gameplay of Don’t Starve Together… V_V

Also, we played 5 hours worth of this. It was well into the morning when the streamed stop for the sake of our sanity, kinda like the game itself.

Animal Crossing Sunday at 1pm

My favorite stream of the week. This is where a lot of my EU/UK friends and pals come out to play. It’s always always ALWAYS a treat to see and talk to these guys. They seemed to have it out for me though.

It could be for the lack of sleep or plain being awful that I would make mistakes like this:

/facepalm I know, I know. Overall, it was great to earn the bells towards funding Master Nook’s big picture plans and having fun with chat. All of these streams did have a similar theme, the gambling addiction and woes are real, VERY REAL. I’ve seen so many empires crash from Riches to Rags. It’s quite depressing. I feel like I need to ban gambling all together </troll>

Streaming Tech

I had my modem replaced and it seem to help with a lot of upstream issues, but they still exist, but not as bad. 480p streaming has worked out really well and yields the image quality that I can be happy with. Can it be better, yes yes YES! BUT! I am very happy with the product that I offer to my viewers.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 170
Total Views: 1096
Hot Peppers Consumed: 3
Stream Time for the weekend: 13 Hours 58 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1300kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)


Date: June 23rd – 24th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Splatoon (Wii U) / Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (PC)

Hey Guys! Did you guys miss me? I know I missed you all! It was nice to spend some time with Tin’s Girlfriend’s family over Father’s day weekend and I’m so happy to be back. I was really looking forward to playing Splatoon for the first time since it’s release, and let me say it does not disappoint.

Splatoon on Tuesday and Initial Thoughts

We started off with the campaign, which I felt was a little slow and the story being a little lacking. This is quite common for games that are starting off with a brand new story. We did an hour of that and switch over to multiplayer, which is where this game shines. 3 minute bursts of team play is just enough to get you excited but not too invested in your wins and losses throughout the game. At the end of the stream, it really got me to wanting to play more. Glad to be having Splatoon being stream over this weekend for my EU friends.

Overall, I think the game is a little pricey, but if you own it, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Also, our great great viewer Ertyert1 exchanged his coins to have me eat my 3rd pepper and it was a habanero and it was hot! The mouth heat was tolerable but I had to upchuck it when my stomach was not playing around with it. This has me rethinking the values of the peppers I’m offering to eat lol.

Also, congrats to Random_Mike for redeeming his coins for his free copies of Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together. It pays to be loyal. The next free game up for grabs is SpeedRunners.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on Wednesday

Wednesday was the return of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This is a favorite among my regular viewers and I’m happy to say it’s becoming more and more obvious that I’m actually getting better. We primarily focused on Gardens and Graveyards, and I can say that play mode does not get old. I do still struggle with the leveling system, but I’m doing what I can. Overall, it was a lot of fun that captures the casualness of Plants vs. Zombies, but you can’t help but be drawn into the action and being competitive.

Twitch Replays:

Splatoon 1/2
Splatoon 2/2

PvZ:GW 1/2
PvZ:GW 2/2

Streaming Tech

With my experience with streaming, I get more and more questions about it. I love helping people out with it. I’m in the planning stages of getting some youtube videos together to share my thoughts options and tutorials when it comes to starting up a stream. Stay tuned for that.

Also, in an effort to accommodate for my budget internet audience, I’m experimenting with 480p streaming again. I want everyone who wants to watch the stream to be able to watch it with minimal buffer/issues. The test will likely start tonight with Super Mario 3D World.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 157
Total Views: 926
Hot Peppers Consumed: 3
Stream Time: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 30FPS – 1555kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)

Gaming Mouse Recommendation

A few weeks back, one of my viewers mentioned about needing a new gaming mouse. In the world of gaming accessories, things can get really expensive. I’m the type of gamer that will pay for quality products, but they do not have to be the most expensive.

A mouse that I have been very happy with this the Etekcity Scroll X1:



Get it on Amazon

This mouse works like a charm and has 3 DPI settings (800/1600/2400 DPI) to give you the sensitivity that you need with your games. I currently play with 1600 dpi as I do not need something too sensitive. The biggest thing about this mouse. It’s only $14.

This mouse gives you the best bang for your buck, and you would need to go through at least 3 of these mice to equal to the price of your more mainstream gaming mouse.

Do yourself a favor, save the extra money on games, and get this mouse now.

All the things, All the Marvel things!

Date: June 16th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)

I wanted to choose a game that I really wanted to play, but for some reason I wasn’t committed enough to play it through. One of the first titles I bought for my Xbox One was LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I played  a few hours and gave up on it. It was mainly because this was my first LEGO game and it’s need to construct things just didn’t click with me, so I often found myself stuck in the early levels.

The same held true this play through. I had to reference a walkthrough for the first level, that I had already played in the past. I finally got the hang of things and looked out for the hints of what were the next steps. Overall, the game is a lot of fun. I hope to make LEGO games part of my stream rotation. I do find that no one streams this game, so the amount of people looking for this game might be very small.

Stream Replay 1/2
Stream Replay 2/2

Streaming Tech

I started to configure OBS for streaming and I want to see if it offers any stability versus Xsplit. Overall, I do like the ease of use of XSplit, but there’s a bit of me liking the idea of using Open Source software. I may be using OBS for the next stream.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 150
Total Views: 894
Hot Peppers Consumed: 2
Stream Time: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 30FPS – 1555kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)

E3 Hyyyype! and Sunset Overdrive

Date: June 15th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

E3 is here and there’s a lot new announcements. Here are some of the games I’m excited for:

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: This was a shoe in, the number of new characters, zombie garden warfare mode, and the ability to import your old profile to the new game. I get it, the game is not very popular, but it is one I feel is really underrated! This will be a rare situation where I will be playing this game at launch day.

PvZ: GW2 Trailer

Unravel and Cuphead: These two indie games really caught my eye. Cuphead embraces the art style and design of a 1930’s cartoon, but it looks smooth like butter! Unravel at face value is another platformer, but the amount of attention to detail of the environment and abilities really makes this game for me. I look forward for more insight on these two titles.

Unravel Trailer | Cuphead Trailer

Rare Replay: Not exactly a set of new games, but Rare games from my few experiences are awesome. It’s going to be really nice to revisit a lot of the games I did play and discover the ones that I missed. At $30 for 30 games, this is a steal.

Rare Replay Trailer

Star Fox Zero: I was a huge fan of Star Fox and to see this come to the Wii U is really exciting. I love that they keep to tradition with the look and feel from what I see.

Star Fox Zero Trailer

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival: So initially, I was really disappointed. I really thought the writing was on the wall. Animal Crossing amiibo, a new dream home designer game, that the next thing was Animal Crossing U! I was wrong wrong wrong, and sadness set in. However, to see it as a board game is interesting. I can imagine this being fun and I hope this somehow loops into a future Animal Crossing U!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Trailer

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Man man man, I haven’t played a Xenoblade in a long long time. The graphics and visuals look amazing. The trailer is vague and they didn’t give much detail, but looking forward to this one!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer

Mobile Gaming: There’s a lot of focus to mobile gaming from the big publishers. This has me excited with the titles like Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts entering into the mix. The quality seems to be there and as long as they don’t view these games as cash registers, then there’s is hope for mobile gaming!

Tomb Raider Go TrailerKingdom Hearts Unchained Key Trailer

Oh yeah, what about the stream?!

About that, here’s a nice highlight of what I consider my favorite mission of the night:

I do find this game a bit challenging to keep up with that. I need to use my pauses in the game to my advantage. I will get better at this! I promise.

Streaming Tech

I did use 480p resolution for this game to help accommodate the fast pace of this game. The visuals did look good and minimal pixelation. I also have ATT looking at my internet connection, as I’m experiencing some minor packet loss which results in some buffering on the stream. They did not come on time so they are coming by in 2 weeks. Thank you for baring for this inconvenience.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 149
Total Views: 888
Hot Peppers Consumed: 2
Stream Time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1555kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)