E3 Hyyyype! and Sunset Overdrive

Date: June 15th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

E3 is here and there’s a lot new announcements. Here are some of the games I’m excited for:

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2: This was a shoe in, the number of new characters, zombie garden warfare mode, and the ability to import your old profile to the new game. I get it, the game is not very popular, but it is one I feel is really underrated! This will be a rare situation where I will be playing this game at launch day.

PvZ: GW2 Trailer

Unravel and Cuphead: These two indie games really caught my eye. Cuphead embraces the art style and design of a 1930’s cartoon, but it looks smooth like butter! Unravel at face value is another platformer, but the amount of attention to detail of the environment and abilities really makes this game for me. I look forward for more insight on these two titles.

Unravel Trailer | Cuphead Trailer

Rare Replay: Not exactly a set of new games, but Rare games from my few experiences are awesome. It’s going to be really nice to revisit a lot of the games I did play and discover the ones that I missed. At $30 for 30 games, this is a steal.

Rare Replay Trailer

Star Fox Zero: I was a huge fan of Star Fox and to see this come to the Wii U is really exciting. I love that they keep to tradition with the look and feel from what I see.

Star Fox Zero Trailer

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival: So initially, I was really disappointed. I really thought the writing was on the wall. Animal Crossing amiibo, a new dream home designer game, that the next thing was Animal Crossing U! I was wrong wrong wrong, and sadness set in. However, to see it as a board game is interesting. I can imagine this being fun and I hope this somehow loops into a future Animal Crossing U!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Trailer

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Man man man, I haven’t played a Xenoblade in a long long time. The graphics and visuals look amazing. The trailer is vague and they didn’t give much detail, but looking forward to this one!

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer

Mobile Gaming: There’s a lot of focus to mobile gaming from the big publishers. This has me excited with the titles like Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts entering into the mix. The quality seems to be there and as long as they don’t view these games as cash registers, then there’s is hope for mobile gaming!

Tomb Raider Go TrailerKingdom Hearts Unchained Key Trailer

Oh yeah, what about the stream?!

About that, here’s a nice highlight of what I consider my favorite mission of the night:

I do find this game a bit challenging to keep up with that. I need to use my pauses in the game to my advantage. I will get better at this! I promise.

Streaming Tech

I did use 480p resolution for this game to help accommodate the fast pace of this game. The visuals did look good and minimal pixelation. I also have ATT looking at my internet connection, as I’m experiencing some minor packet loss which results in some buffering on the stream. They did not come on time so they are coming by in 2 weeks. Thank you for baring for this inconvenience.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 149
Total Views: 888
Hot Peppers Consumed: 2
Stream Time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 480p @ 30FPS – 1555kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)