I wonder if Crazy Dave would eat one of those Taco Bell Emotes?

Date: May 23rd
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (PC)

I had swapped out Super Monkey Ball for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for a viewer. Unfortunately, they didn’t come by to watch. :(

The stream went well and I had a very active chat tonight. It was quite fun. However, the stream was plagued with a number of issues in the game itself. Sticker packs wouldn’t open, packs that I did open will suddenly disappear. I hope things will improve the next time we play.

Streaming Tech

I changed up our encoding to Medium. The streaming quality looked slightly improved, but marginal at best. I will continue with this new setting to see how other games appear. I made some improvements with the overlay with the inclusion of chat. I did notice the webcam being out of sync. Will try to fix that tomorrow.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 46
Total Views: 539
Stream Time: 4 Hours 2 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 48FPS – 2000kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)