Streaming Schedule for February 20 – February 26

Hi Tin Can Fam,

Here is this week’s schedule for the stream.

Monday – No Stream
Tuesday No Stream
Wednesday – Poly Bridge – 7:30pm
Thursday – Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 7:30pm
Friday – Coffee Break Podcast – 7:30pm
Saturday – Minecraft – 1:00pm
Sunday – Viewers’ Choice – 1:00pm

This week is a special week, as I will be part of the very first Coffee Break podcast. It will be hosted on the Coffee Break channel, which will be shared soon. We also have Viewers’ Choice this Sunday, so feel free to vote ( on the game that you would like to see. You will again have two votes for the poll. Hope to see you guys this week.

Time zone is Central Standard Time (GMT -6:00) Timezones are hard?

All broadcasts can be seen on

Schedule is subject to change. I will do my best to update you guys on twitter (@tinner10tin)