Week of February 22

Hey Gals and Pals,

I’m here! My lazy butt is writing another post for you after a couple weeks of silence.┬áThis week we are in full swing with a lot of multiplayer games. It seems a lot of you like to play with me while on stream, so I’m here to deliver!

We start off the week with the Sims 4. I know, I know, I just said multiplayer games, but a lot of you also enjoy this game, so it stays!

Tuesday will mark the release of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2! I have been looking forward to this game for a very long time. The original Garden Warfare game was one of my early go to games when starting off on Twitch. I haven’t really watched a lot of gameplay or read much on it, so I’m hoping for lot of the same game mechanics and more variety in the characters.

Thursday will be our Creativerse stream. Off stream, I have been working with some other people on our server to gather a lot of the materials. One of those materials was stone, 7000 stone. On stream we will do more of the building and off stream it’s more of the farming. If you want to join us, feel free to join Tin’s Cannery!

Friday is Don’t Starve Together! I love love love this game and that is that.

Saturday marks the debut of Heroes of the Storm. This is a game I enjoy a lot off stream. I tend to have a handful of games that I usually don’t stream to keep me sane. I got into HotS a few months ago because it gave me a sense that I’m not years behind on champions like in League of Legends. Plus, it helps that I know a lot about Blizzard games so as new characters come out, I already have a sense of what they can do. I’m really excited for this.

Sunday is Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the golden standard game of the stream.

I look forward to this week and if you have any games you would like me to play on stream or with you. Please let me know!