Hey, paesanos! It’s The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!

Date: May 7th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

Super Mario Bros. is a childhood classic for most, but I’ve been awful at keeping up with the series. This stream is my first real attempted at playing Super Mario 3D World. Start off, things were going well and I, again, got a load of help from chat. It shows that I can be pretty helpless :P Playing through 4 Worlds has me hyped and I decided to go ahead and stream it again tomorrow.

The following video is a fine example of what tonight’s gameplay was like: Mistakes were made, but victories are rich!

Streaming Tech

Transitioning from PC to Console is always tricky. Audio levels are different and I think there might be some mic delay. With the Wii U, I can figure a better way to listen to game audio but to plug headphones into the Wii U Gamepad. The struggle! Anyways, made it all work and was happy with the stream. You can see some studder towards the end of my stream, and it took a quick refresh of the capture card to fix. Up the frames to 48FPS. I may consider a full 60 frames and improving the encoding. The last time I tried this, the stream was pure potato. We’ll see!

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 22
Total Views: 338
Stream Time: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 48FPS – 2000kbps Bitrate

Happy to have a few new faces to the stream, and again chat has been a great help to all of my successes in Super Mario 3D World. Let’s try it again tomorrow!