Mario is like Nook, He wants all the Bells errr Stars!

Date: June 1st
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

It’s already June! Where does the time go? We revisited the World that is Super Mario 3D. I have beaten the standard game and I made a commitment to Blahziter that I will continue to play until I claim every star. We started the night off with 186 Stars. For the most part, I was able to complete most of the stages, some were harder than others.

End the stream on 218. PROGRESS!

Streaming Tech

Revlo continues to be a hit with the chat. There were a few comments requesting for a cooldown. I’ve adjusted the betting minimum to 5 coins from 1 coin. We will see how that affects the rate of gambling. I’ve also limited the max bet to 500 coins.

I also adjusted the level of the gaming audio a little to loud. Reminder to self, 50% volume for Wii U games.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 87
Total Views: 700
Stream Time: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 48FPS – 2000kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)