Time to finish out Punch-out!!

Date: May 27th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Punch-out!! (Wii)

With only a couple fighters before earning the championship, 2 hours of stream should be more than plenty, right? Well, it was the right amount, with one hour each being used per fighter.

I have to say the gameplay is real rough, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. Here are the TL;DR videos:

Twitch Highlight (Better Quality)

Twitch Highlight (Better Quality)

Here’s a nice video of the struggle:

Twitch Highlight (Better Quality)

Streaming Tech

The Stream ran pretty smoothly tonight. I was too busy raging over the game to take notice of any of the tech side.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 63
Total Views: 617
Stream Time: 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 48FPS – 2000kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)