Where’s Mike Tyson?

Date: May 26th
Start time: 8pm CT
Game: Punch-out!! (Wii)

The day is here! I was really excited to do my first playthrough Punch-out!! for the Wii via my Wii U. It’s a very niche game that is a reboot of the original NES version of Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!! minus Mike Tyson.

The struggle was real with navigating through the menu options with the Wiimote. It wasn’t fun then, and it’s still not fun now. I thought it was really cool that you can play with the nunchuck and a Wii balance board. Likely something I will try out in the future, but I wanted to keep this simple, because I don’t need added complexity in my gaming life. ;)

I opted for the traditional NES like controls on the Wiimote. The first few matches were pretty easy as expected. The more I progressed, the more I realized how long it’s been since I’ve played any Punch-out!! My reliable chat was helpful in guiding me through the struggle and making PROGRESS! Especially from new viewers who were well versed with the game. The struggle is realer than real with this great highlight:

Twitch Highlight (Better Quality)

Streaming Tech

The stream went offline for a few minutes. Based on the VOD, it was a brief second, but with Twitch Delay, it was difficult to troubleshoot the issue. Minor glitch, no harm done. It was likely my Internet. I’ve started doing some research on different bots that are out there, aside from Moo. I’m looking into the idea of a point system that can be used to redeem for rewards. It’s in the dreaming stage right now, but I want to do something to award my regulars/viewers. There are a lot of options, but a lot of them seem janky.

Streaming Stats

Total Follows: 61
Total Views: 616
Stream Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Streaming Quality: 540p @ 48FPS – 2000kbps Bitrate (Medium encoding)