We are Family Steam Team

Hi Gals and Pals,

One of the things I talk about to my friends is about my Twitch stream. It’s not for the purposes of trying to advertise or get people to join the stream. The reason I talk about my stream is about the great community that we have. We have a community that is friendly, smart, and considerate. These are the things I look for in my own friends. You guys give me a lot to admire and that has caught the eye of others.

Because of all of you, I have been invited and accepted a spot on the We are Family stream team. The team itself focuses on featuring Twitch streams that are family friendly. As you know, we try to be considerate for those who are here watching the stream. We as a community do what we can to keep ourselves from being foul and steer the stream to what is genuinely fun.

With the addition of being in the team, you’ll likely see exploring other streams on the team and making new friends. The way we handle ourselves will not change so don’t think the team affiliation will change what we are today.

It’s a proud moment for us as this mean we have something going well for us. Thank you again for your support!