Week of January 11th

Hi everyone!

It’s still weird to say it’s 2016. Is it weird for you? We all know what’s top of mind for everyone. Freaking Powerball and it’s 1.3 Billion dollar* jackpot. Best of luck to everyone on that! We all need it ;)

This week’s schedule has a little bit of old and new.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will be our mainstay game, The Sims 4. I have completely lost count of the number of children we have, but we have rooms and flooring so things are looking more normal for Tinner Richman.

I will be taking off Wednesday to spend some time with my Geek. We’ll be doing some movie night of sorts. It’s also her turn to choose.

Friday will be the debut of Spore, one of the most hyped and disappointing games of all time. Just typing the word debut felt weird. It’s certainly a word that doesn’t spell how it sounds. I look at it and see DE BUTT. Anyways, Spore should be a lot of fun, and for many of you, a good first experience.

Community Night! Day! stream of Mitos.is will be this coming Saturday at 1pm Central. This is a clone of Agar.io, but with less botting and more game mods. I’ve been playing this with some of the gals and pal on Discord and we have a lot of fun. The game is free and takes any computer to run. You will need Steam to get this installed, Please join in on the fun here.

This Sunday’s ACNL stream will be at it’s same bat time and same bat channel. A whole lot of the same that you come to love and enjoy.

I hope that you all have a great week and I hope to see you soon. :)