Week of January 24th

Hi Gals and Pals,

This week is going to be a pretty interesting week because first off, I will not be streaming this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My time will be spent in San Antonio, TX for PAX South. With that said, we are trying something very new for the channel and that is introducing Guest Hosts. These fine folks will be filling my void and providing you guys with great gaming content.

I’m happy to share that LightFootViolet, Spialz, and dadotjadot will be taking over the broadcast for this coming weekend. But before we go into those details, I AM still streaming 4 days this week.

Monday and Tuesday marks our return back to the Sims 4 world. Business is going well, the kids are doing great, and we have 2 trains! These two streams will focus on improving the house and maybe the business as well. There’s no place like gnome!

Wednesday, we will be continuing our gameplay of Spore. I’m really excited again to play this and I’m glad that this game is resurfacing from it’s original release from 2008. We are in the tribal stages so we are going to be making peace and war with other tribes.

Rounding out my streaming week on Thursday will be Splatoon! This is often requested and rightfully so. It’s a fun game. I will be playing with viewers in Turf Wars so feel free to add my NNID: tinner10tin and join in on the splatage.

As I depart to go to PAX, LightFootViolet will be streaming on my channel this Friday. She is a long time viewer, moderator and friend of mine. She has great humor and is awesome to watch.

Saturday will be featuring Spialz, who is actually pretty new to streaming on Twitch. His attention to detail and his commentary is very chill and insightful when it comes to making progress in a game.

Finally, on Sunday, our very own Dad (dadotjadot) will be broadcasting on the channel. With a lot of work and encouragement (really, it’s just me pestering him) Dad has been ramping up his channel to start streaming on a regular basis. He’s often hilarious to speak to and I’m truthfully excited for him to be able to share that humor to you all.

Please do me a solid and follower these streamers and come on out and support them as they take the time out of their days to broadcast to y’all. See you soon and have a great week!